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** This is only for those individuals who are currently licensed as a foster parent with another agency within the state of Utah. If this does not apply to you please return to the previous page and complete the BCI process.**

BCI Transfer

In order to complete a BCI transfer print out the BCI form below. Be sure to fill out the first page only. In the top left hand corner check the box labeled "Transfer of or concurrent use of approved Rap Back screening from:" If you have any questions about this contact our office.

If you do not have access to a printer you are welcome to come into our office and fill out a BCI form. Upon completion of the BCI Application complete the following steps:

1 - Assure that the BCI is completed and signed correctly

2 - Make a copy of your ID 

3 - Contact Kahili Graham, Open Arms 0BCI specialist, at (808) 237-0005 to setup appointment to submit your BCI Transfer Application and complete the BCI disclosure form.

4- Print the Home Study Packet (Link below). If you do not have access to a printer be sure to ask for a copy of the Home Study Packet when you come to our office.

Parents and Daughter
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